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One thing that is trending now every where on the Internet is the ‘FEVER’ video released by Wizkid a day back, featuring Tiwa Savage. The video has done well on YouTube to the extent of reaching more than 1 million views in 20 hours breaking his former record held by ‘Come Closer’ his collaboration with Drake that hits a million views before 24 hours.
The secret behind the success of this video is the chemistry that started between the both of them in Tiwas hit song ‘BAD’ from her second studio album ‘RED’, on which she featured Wizkid.

Since then, both of them have done ‘MALO’ a Tiwa Savages song from her ‘SUGARCANE’ EP

that also created a controversy online soon as the video was released that got everyone giving their opinions about what they think, that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage are more than just friends.
The controversy and suspicions heightened when Wizkid uploaded 5 photos of Tiwa Savage on her birthday February 5 2018,on his Instagram page showering her with good wishes. We thought it was done when the controversy went down Until GIDIFEST 2018 when Wizkid to the surprise of every kissed Tiwa Savage on stage without her turning him down.

This also broke the Internet as photos of the act trended on all social media and got everyone talking and clearing their doubts that Wizkid is dating Tiwa Savage.
The ‘FEVER’ video is the latest one.

It has started trending and gotten everyone on the Tiwa and Wizkid dating issue again. We have something for you to clear your doubt about their true relationship. Forget what you have read on the Internet or seen before. They are both friends and nothing more. Wizkid himself confirmed it on both his Twitter and Instagram handles before the release on the ‘FEVER’ video with the following update :

“This one is special to me. Made a movie with my best friend! #Fever Official Video!! Link in Bio. Flower and love Emoji” Instagram.

“This one is special to me! Made a movie with my best friend.. Love emoji.. #Fever Official Video. Link follows. ” Twitter.

There you have it people. Wizkid himself confirmed he is not dating Tiwa Savage. They are only friends. #Fever Official Video is just a movie and nothing more. Enjoy it like you enjoy your everyday romantic movie. It’s a great video by the way and it’s worth the YouTube record.

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