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Is no secret that Wizkid has three boys TIFE, AYO, and ZION from three different ladies, SOLA OGUDU BINTA DIALLO, and JADA POLLOCK his current manager.

Wizkid can’t be in three places at thesame time so there is bound to be difference in the attention he gives his children.

Sola Ogudu several times in the past has come on line to express her disappointment in how Wizkid is neglecting his parental duties.

The recent one is his missing his first  son Boluwatifes birthday on May 13th that led to her taking to Twitter to tweet the following :


“Being a MUM and a Dad and still manage to slay all at once on a legit income!!! Please I need my accolades served chilled!!!! It’s very well deserved!!! Thank you, Lord… I will never get tired of thanking you God.. Cos I am where and who I am because of you my Miracle Worker!!”


On August 29th 2018, she took to Instagram and shared the following on her Instagram stories:


“You wanna know what’s worse than a child being told of his or her parents irresponsibility and negligence towards them? Seeing a child growing to understand it by him/herself. Seeing is believing my people. You can see and watch it here. KARMA is as real as it gets. Be careful how you lay your bed this present day, cos the seed you sow now determines if you ever get a bed to lay on in the future. Be wise and YOLO with sense. ”


Binta Diallo on her part last month September unleashed her rage on a page on Instagram @thebalogunboys, created to celebrate and promote a good image of the singers relationship with his kids.

Her reply to one of the post by the page:


“Stop posting my son here @thebalogunboys. My child is not part of your Balogun family. Just stop with the fake love shit. Nigga need serious help for real, I can’t deal. This deadbeat can follow this page and show fake love to my son here but never bothered to follow my son’s account or be a father to him. Post the kids you love, claimed and your family. P. S I know who running this account. ”


It seems Zion is the one enjoying the most attention as his mum is always with Wizkid as his manager.

Recently, Wizkid tweeted the following :

“Zion on road with dad. Love emoji. ”

While on a tour bus to Ghana after postin a video of him having a good time with Zion. From the tweet replies he got, it shows a lot of his fans are not happy with his neglecting his parental responsibilities towards his other sons as expressed by Sola and Binta.

A fan by the twitter handle @kausarat_abiola replied him.


“When will tife be on the road with dad? ”


Another fan with the twitter handle @pokerfaze_ relying @kausarat_abiola tweeted:


“Are you tifes mum? ”


Clapping back, @kausarat_abiola replied:


“Are u tifes dad? ”


Replying @kausarat_abiola, another fan with the twitter handle @rydderx  tweeted:


“Is Wizkid in Nigeria? Ainty stop using tife to get attention. ”


@kausarat_abiola claps back:


“U don’t need to insult people before making sense. You look exhausted like your profile picture. ”


Another fan with the twitter handle @laudboy replying @kausarat_abiola tweeted:

“Zions mom works for Wiz so he can be with him. On like tifes mum that doesn’t work at all. ”


@kausarat_abiola clapped back:

“I don’t really think you understand yourself. Why would you say tifes mum is not working at all, or you mean she is not working 4 Wiz? ”

Photo below.



another Fan by the twitter handle @naeesse replied Widkid  as well. Her tweet :

“Tife and Ayo nko? “


Wizkid then replied :

“They doing good. Thanks… I hope your fada is home with you right now? ”


Then other fans joined attacking the ladies that questioned him. One fan with the twitter handle @Femi0four replying to @naeesse

“You no get work. ”


@naeesse clapped back.

“Yup, one that pays per week than you will see in a year. Any further questions? ”


People can die for their favorite celebrities.

The drama continues. Photos below. Let us know what you think about this.


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