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Are you of the habit of giving up on your idea or ideas because people you tell about it say it won’t work? Well, Small Doctor say you shouldn’t.

Talk about songs topping the street and ask fans around Nigeria to mention their top 5 the song ‘PENALTY’ by Small Doctor will make the first three songs they will mention. It was this same song that he used to dethrone the king of the street Olamide Badoo at the Headies Award 2018 from the Best Street Song Category which seemed his property until Small Doctor came to the scene. Though they were a lot of controversies surrounding that award as Olamides ‘WO’ was also a banger, we can’t deny the fact that the song did well on the heart of the fans as ‘WO’. This same song has won him two endorsements. One with a telecommunications company and another with a betting company. Here is a thing we didn’t know about the song until recently. Small Doctor almost trash the song because a popular Nigerian producer didn’t believe the song could be a hit. His recent tweet reveals it. :

“I Remember The Producer I Called And Messaged Repeatedly For Like 8 Months Cos I Already Shared The Concept Of PENALTY With Him At Industry Night In December 2015 . My God Dey Form Too Busy , Say Him Artiste Dey Record Album. Funniest Part Is Me And His Artiste Dey See Wella How Come? I Couldn’t Believe I Waited That Long For Him Tho. But Thank God I Had A Plan B . Naso I Call My Bios, Shared The Idea, Gave Them The Beat And Boom… God Made It… PS: Dear Artiste, That Producer In Your Hood Can Make That Mind Blowing Hit. Believe In Them. ”

You heard it from him. Patronize people that would believe in you and your ideas, not the ones that will talk you down. Let us know what you think.


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